Friends of the Earth Russia

The Russian Social-Ecological Union/Friends of the Earth Russia is a non-governmental non-profit democratic organisation, established in 1992.

The Russian-Social Ecological Union brings together public organisations and active citizens from all regions of Russia. All Russian Social-Ecological Union activities – projects and programs, actions and campaigns – are aimed at nature conservation, the protection of health and the wellbeing of people in Russia and around the world.

Their members act together for nature conservation, and for sustainable development in Russia and the rest of the planet.

Our priorities:

  • Conservation of nature, water resources and biodiversity
  • Protection of environmental rights
  • Development of public environmental control
  • Environmental education and education for sustainable development
  • Nuclear and radiation safety
  • Preventing construction of objects harmful to nature and people
  • Promotion of energy saving and alternative energy
  • Environmentally friendly approaches in urban planning
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly solutions in business

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Phone: +7 921 9117986
Fax: +7 812 4280658

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