22 May 2014

Wilmar International, one of the world's largest palm oil traders, continue their abusive practices of deforestation and land-grabbing, despite promises to stop, according to new research from Friends of the Earth in Indonesia, Liberia, Uganda and Nigeria.

9 May 2014

Anne van Schaik, from Friends of the Earth Europe, visits Indonesia to meet with palm oil company Wilmar to highlight the devastating environmental and social impacts of palm oil production.

6 May 2014

On March 5th the Jogbahn community, from Grand Bassa County in central Liberia, celebrated a major step forward in the struggle to save their land from being grabbed by British palm oil company Equatorial Palm Oil PLC. But, they are in imminent danger unless we act now to help protect their land.

31 March 2014

A platform led by the European Commission to provide advice on how to reduce resource use in Europe, has not provided concrete steps towards achieving its goal, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

Recommendations issued by the European Resource Efficiency Platform lack ambitious resource reduction targets, and are not in line with the European Commission's plans to reduce resource use in Europe by 2050.

28 March 2014

European and US banks and pension funds must stop financing illegal palm oil and deforestation, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. New findings show that Bumitama Agri, an Indonesian palm oil company and recipient of financial support from numerous European and US financiers, continues to clear land and run an illegal palm oil plantation in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, despite commitments to stop.

12 February 2014

Wilmar International, the world's largest palm oil trader, recently bowed to civil society pressure and committed to cut out deforestation, peat land destruction and the exploitation of human rights from its supply chain. This comes after years of land-grabbing, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, fuelling conflicts, the destruction of endangered habitats, and human rights abuses.

11 February 2014

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland welcomed a packed room today at their conference exploring how the four resource footprints – carbon, water, land and material – are already being used in policy and in practice.

The one day event brought together policy-makers, academics, campaigners and experts from business who are already seeing the benefits of using the footprint approach, and coincides with the lead-up to an expected package of measures on resource efficiency and the circular economy – due from the European Commission this year.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
24 January 2014

A report published today by the United Nations International Resource Panel highlights how global land consumption is unsustainable in a world of finite resources. [1] The findings echo research by Friends of the Earth Europe on Europe's global land footprint. [2]

18 January 2014

How land, water, carbon and material footprints can help create a more resource efficient Europe

11th February 2014, 9.15am – 6.30pm

Press Club Brussels, 95 Rue Froissart - 1040 Bruxelles

Friends of the Earth invites you to a conference exploring how the four footprints - Carbon, Water, Land and Material footprint - are already being successfully and practically used in business and beyond.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
12 December 2013

European Union energy chiefs failed today to limit the quantities of 'food based' biofuels allowed in Europe in a key debate in Brussels. The outcome means that plans to prevent biofuels competing with food will be further delayed, pushing more people into hunger and leading to further deforestation.


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