17 November 2014

In the Kalangala islands on Lake Victoria, Uganda, communities are being forced off their lands by a powerful alliance of corporations, international organisations and government power, all set on using the land for destructive oil palm production. Many of the citizens who comprise these communities have lost their livelihoods, and feel powerless to challenge the land-grabs.

22 October 2014

The European Parliament today voted to approve the new European Commission, marking the start of a new political phase for the European Union. 

The Green 10 alliance of leading environmental organisations calls on President Juncker and his team of Commissioners to give European citizens, and their future generations, a healthy, inclusive and environmentally sound place to live.

10 October 2014

Activists tell EU decision-makers of impacts on people, forests and climate

This week, two Indonesian activists came to Brussels to speak to MEPs and policymakers to highlight the devastating impact that EU biofuels policy is having on their country.

Deforestation and land grabbing

Indonesia has some of the most biodiverse rainforest in the world. Yet it is now the world's premier site of deforestation, driven by the rapid expansion of palm oil plantations.

1 October 2014

On the 24th November, Friends of the Earth Europe will hold a conference at the North Rhine-Westphalian EU representation in Brussels to discuss the opportunities for a stronger role of resource efficiency in current European policy processes.

3 September 2014

'Zero waste' is becoming a reality in Europe according to three case studies published today by the Zero Waste Europe network, of which Friends of the Earth Europe is a member.

The successful development and implementation of 'Zero waste' is set to inspire further communities, towns and cities to transform our relationship with resources and adopt zero waste goals.

2 July 2014

A raft of measures which aims to make Europe use resources more wisely was announced in Brussels today. The proposals are insufficient, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, given the scale of Europe's resource wastage and its impacts on the rest of the world.

13 June 2014

EU energy ministers voted today to limit biofuels to 7% of Europe's transport energy in an attempt to prevent biofuels competing with food and causing deforestation.

3 June 2014

Human rights abuses and the destruction of the planet dominated discussions at a conference on Europe's role in the extraction of resources in Latin America on Sunday.

The event organised by Friends of the Earth Spain/Amigos de la Tierra España in Madrid brought together European and South American experts and activists.

28 May 2014

Land the size of Poland and Sweden combined will be needed to produce crops and wood for Europe's bioenergy needs by 2030, new research released today reveals. 

26 May 2014

Deutsche Bank has told Friends of the Earth Europe and Rettet den Regenwald that it sold its shares in the Indonesian palm oil supplier Bumitama, an important supplier to palm oil giant Wilmar, following months of campaigning by the two groups. Despite numerous promises to clean up its act, Bumitama continues to produce illegal palm oil.


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