11 September 2007

Brussels, 11 September 2007 - Today Friends of the Earth Europe called for the EU to scrap its target for using plant-based agrofuels for transport, after a leaked paper revealed the OECD's [1] grave concerns about their social and environmental effects.

4 September 2007

4 September 2007, Strasbourg - Current proposals to include aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme will have very little impact on aviation's contribution to climate change, a new report by leading climate scientists warns today. Friends of the Earth, which commissioned the research, is urging the EU to substantially strengthen its ETS proposals, and is calling for additional measures to curb the growth in flights.

16 July 2007

Brussels, 16 July - Europeans can live long and be happy without the need for soaring carbon dioxide emissions, shows the European Happy Planet Index launched today by nef (the new economics foundation) and Friends of the Earth Europe. The Nordic countries demonstrate that low carbon living is compatible with high levels of well-being, but Europe is overall less efficient today at delivering well being for its carbon dioxide emissions than 40 years ago.

3 July 2007

Jakarta (Indonesia) / Amsterdam (The Netherlands) / Brussels (Belgium), 3 July 2007 - Wilmar, the world's biggest trader in palm oil, is illegally logging rainforests, setting forests on fire and violating the rights of local communities in Indonesia according to a new report published today by Friends of the Earth Netherlands.

29 June 2007

Brussels, 29th June 2007 - Environmental NGOs today condemned the results of yesterday's Environment Council vote as a serious climb-down on more than 30 years of European waste policy. Ministers promoted incineration and missed the opportunity to modernise waste policy so that it increases Europe's resource efficiency and reduces its climate impacts.

26 June 2007

Brussels, 26th June 2007 - Environmental NGOs today called on EU Environment Ministers to reject a plan to redefine waste incineration from 'disposal' to 'recovery', arguing that the redefinition would promote environmentally-damaging incineration and is, in any case, unnecessary.

25 April 2007

Brussels / Strasbourg, April 25 2007 - The European Parliament has failed to promote the sustainable management of floods, warned the European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth Europe and WWF. Voting on the Floods Directive in Strasbourg today, Members of the European Parliament stopped short of promoting an approach that works with natural defences like wetlands, floodplains and riverbank woodlands.

23 April 2007

Brussels/Costa Rica, 23 April 2007 - Friends of the Earth groups in Europe and Costa Rica today called on EU Ministers not to authorize the European Commission to negotiate new bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) with Southern countries.

14 July 2006

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM) / LONDON (UK), 14 July 2006 -- G8 plans to address global energy security are dirty, dangerous and will continue to fuel climate change, Friends of the Earth warned today on the eve of the G8 summit taking place in St Petersburg, Russia (1).An early draft of the G8 Plan of Action suggested that world leaders had forgotten last year's G8 efforts in Gleneagles to tackle climate change.

8 March 2006

Brussels, 8 March 2006 - Old fashioned and backward looking - a so-called new EU energy policy grounded in the days of the dinosaurs. This is the verdict of Friends of the Earth Europe on the EU's Energy Plan to be published later today.


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